A message for Micah

Those of you that know me will know I’m a passionate Manchester United fan, so you may be surprised that I’m using my website to make a plea to a very generous Manchester City player.

Yesterday, Micah Richards offered to give £20,000 of his own money to a charity suggested by his followers. Footballers get a lot of stick these day but I think sometimes it’s easy to forget how much work they do off their own backs for charity so even as a red, Micah, I applaud you for that.

Over the last 6 or so months I’ve had the privelege of getting to know Jo and Dan Thompson. The Thompson’s are a fantastic couple that had their world cruelly ripped from under them when their precious baby daughter Millie died at a nursery.

Millie choked on her lunch and a series of mistakes made by the people who were responsible for her care let her down that day. Since then, they have gone through the kind of hell only a bereaved parent could understand, waiting what seems an eternity for their daughters inquest and for the truth to come out.

They could easily have let the situation destroy them as a couple. They could have given up all hope but that’s not what they did. Instead they’ve honoured Millie’s life by setting up a charity to raise awareness of paediatric first aid and in doing so they’ve saved lots of lives already. What happened to the Thompson’s was absolutely tragic and not something that can ever be forgotten but what they are doing now is genuinely making a difference to the lives of toddlers (and other children and adults for that matter) across the country.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a millionaire or a pauper, without adequate first aid training, these sort of tragedies could beset any one of us and that is why I am asking you, Micah, to support their cause.

Even if it’s too late for the £20k, if you could just spread the word you would be part of something just as special as your football team.

Dan Thompson is a massive blue and has even given up tickets to see the mighty blues to raise money for this most worthy of causes, will you join him in giving up a little something to save the lives of children?

You can find out more about Millie’s Trust at www.milliestrust.com

Yours faithfully


Jonathan Lambert

Follow up

As a result of a bombardment of Millie’s Trusts supporters suggesting the charity to Micah, he decided to donate £7000 to Millie’s Trust and the same amount to two other charities.

That’s fantastic news for Millie’s Trust and I’m really pleased for Jo and Dan.

Well done Micah!

If anyone else wants to get involved please visit the website or find Millie’s Trust on facebook!. This is just the start for a very special charity!