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Alan Henning: A beacon of light in a world of darkness

On 26th December 2013, a convoy of humanitarian aid workers crossed into war-torn Syria to deliver supplies and offer help to ease the plight of innocent civilians caught up in the violence of a brutal regime. Alan Henning, a taxi driver from Salford was amongst that convoy. When a friend asked about the dangers he faced, Alan could only think about the suffering of the children of Syria that had clearly touched him deeply. Within an hour of crossing the Syrian border, the convoy was Continue reading →

Test Driven Development

One of the powerful features of software engineering is its dynamic nature. It is much easier to change a piece of code than it is to change the design of a bridge once you’ve started building it. Indeed, the only certainty in the lifetime of a software project is that the requirements will change as you proceed. As software engineers we need to embrace change but change is scary. It’s like a game of Buckaroo, Kerplong or Jenga, where, with every move you make, you Continue reading →