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Alan Henning: A beacon of light in a world of darkness

On 26th December 2013, a convoy of humanitarian aid workers crossed into war-torn Syria to deliver supplies and offer help to ease the plight of innocent civilians caught up in the violence of a brutal regime. Alan Henning, a taxi driver from Salford was amongst that convoy. When a friend asked about the dangers he faced, Alan could only think about the suffering of the children of Syria that had clearly touched him deeply. Within an hour of crossing the Syrian border, the convoy was Continue reading →

Test Driven Development

One of the powerful features of software engineering is its dynamic nature. It is much easier to change a piece of code than it is to change the design of a bridge once you’ve started building it. Indeed, the only certainty in the lifetime of a software project is that the requirements will change as you proceed. As software engineers we need to embrace change but change is scary. It’s like a game of Buckaroo, Kerplong or Jenga, where, with every move you make, you Continue reading →

Scottish Referendum: The real winners

On Thursday, 18th September 2014 the Scottish people voted decisively in a referendum to resolve the future political landscape of the British Isles. It was a decision that will start a political revolution of the likes of which has not been seen on these shores since the Union itself was formed some three hundred and seven years ago.

The No makeup Selfie craze

In the past couple of  days a new craze has started sweeping across Facebook and other social media outlets and that’s the No Makeup Selfie pictures people (mostly women) are taking of themselves in order to promote Breast Cancer awareness. The idea is, people take a picture of themselves with no make up on and post it onto Facebook and at the same time donate money via text to a cancer research charity. Cancer is a horrible disease that effects 1 in 3 of us at Continue reading →

The Pension Problem

The combination of increasing life expectancy, an ageing population, economic instability and people choosing to put off having children until later in life is a toxic time bomb waiting to explode. Is this the end for the state pension?

The circus comes to town

Something quite strange is happening in Wythenshawe right now. An event that doesn’t happen very often but has drawn the eyes of the country’s media to the area, and it doesn’t involve a court case. Last month our local MP, Paul Goggins died after a brain haemorrhage tragically at the age of sixty. I don’t have a lot of respect for the majority of parliament or our political system in the United Kingdom but Paul was a local man who was not born with a silver Continue reading →

Sex trials and punishment

It started with the news that much loved TV presenter Jimmy Saville was actually a predatory paedophile that abused his position of power at the BBC to molest young vulnerable girls and get away with it. That revelation has turned out to be the opening of Pandora’s box with many more allegations coming out of the wood work since. All manner of celebrities have been accused and this has now led to charges being brought against the likes of Michael Le Vell, Bill Roache, Dave Continue reading →

A Christmas Message

On Saturday 22nd December 2013 at 12.00pm something special happened next to the Queen Victoria statue in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.

Strangers, all from different backgrounds and of all ages gathered together with rucksacks, flasks and sleeping bags but this was no camping outing or protest movement, just a simple act of human kindness as rucksacks baring clothing, food and toiletries were collected and given out to those less fortunate than ourselves.