I am an ASP.NET developer with over five years experience using both Web Forms and the MVC framework for Web Development coding in C#.

Microsoft SQL Server

Proficient level of knowledge around Microsoft SQL Server including SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008

Entity Framework

My preferred persistence framework is Microsoft's Entity Framework 6.

I like to generate my database from Code First classes with Migrations and I use the Fluent API to handle mappings.

Twitter Bootstrap

I use Twitter Bootstrap to create user interfaces that work well across multiple browsers and on mobile devices. The UI for this website is a customised version of Twitter Bootstrap


jQuery is great javascript framework for making interactive user interfaces. I use jQuery and jQuery UI to make sites awesome

Test Driven Development

Having had the pain of trying to maintain poorly structured legacy projects with little or no test coverage, I am now beginning to adopt test driven development wherever possible.

TDD takes to make you think more about the code you're writing and goes hand in hand with the SOLID principles of software development. It's something I'm trying to incorporate into my work whenever I can and a field I find very interesting.


I am currently working on an SPA (Single Page App) that uses a plethora of javascript frameworks including knockout, durandal, requirejs and squire for testing. It's proving to be an interesting learning curve, mostly due to the scale of the product and its complexity but I am beginning to warm to the SPA mindset. 

Mongo DB

Although most of my experience has been with SQL persistence stores, I am now using MongoDB for a major project.

Rabbit MQ

We use Rabbit MQ to handle time consuming actions that we don't want to block the web thread. This helps make our application much more scalable