Information for Recruiters

Dear Recruiters,

There’s something you aught to know before you waste my time and your own sending me specifications for vacancies you’re trying to fill.

Don’t contact me, I’ll contact you

I don’t accept cold callers, whether that be via post, email, personal contact, phone or any other means. If I’m looking to buy a product, service or indeed looking for career opportunities, I do my own research and will find the products, services or career opportunities I deem appropriate myself.

I appreciate that my skills page probably ticks a lot of boxes for your clients’ “exciting opportunities” but if you view my career page you’ll see I don’t tend to change employers very frequently and I am very happy with my current role at Havas Lynx.

If circumstances change, I will seek you out, in the mean time please don’t be offended if I ignore your calls, emails etc. I’m not being rude, I’m just not interested.

Kind Regards


Jonathan Lambert