Early MYST

To understand how we came to be where we are now, we have to start right from the beginning. From an early age it was a apparent that there was more than just a little bit of the perfectionist about Master MYST (yes, I know, third person, what a [a-z]{3}[tk]).

I loved playing with lego. We didn’t have proper sets like some people collected but a large bin bag full of second hand bits and pieces ripe for an imaginative child, and boy would I exploit it. I would build things like complete car ferries with multiple decks, opening bows and hulls, allowing my toy cars to drive right through at my imaginary dock and I’d build trams, complete with a track and station platform. I was fascinated with transport and building things.

However, not being the most delicate of people, sometimes things would go wrong and I’d accidentally break one of the decks and I’d get very frustrated and cross with myself. I wanted everything to be just right. I’d have a bit of a rant then I’d get back on with meticulously taking things apart to rebuild the broken section and all would be good until it was time to clear up the mess I’d made of the living room floor, that was far less interesting so by that point I’d retreat to play with something else if I could get away with it.

Those early traits have been present throughout my life, and indeed throughout my career. The desire to create things, the high level of expectations I placed on myself and the determination to bounce back from set backs. I’ve definitely needed those characteristics to get to where I find myself today.

I am no genius. I work in a trade that traditionally attracts people with very methodical, mathematical minds but my brain isn’t quite so good at working that way. I have to try a little bit harder and sometimes I’m not as quick as my more talented colleagues to pick things up, I need repetition and a deeper understanding to make things click but I like to think the creative side of my brain, and my determination make up for what I lack in raw number crunching ability.