August 2013

Celebrated Five years at Havas Lynx

I am now the longest serving member of staff in the Havas Health Software team

June 2011

Graduated from Salford University with a 1st

August 2009

Taken on permanently by Creative Lynx

After a successful work placement at Creative Lynx, I was taken on as a full time member of staff and the company agreed to pay for me to complete my studies on a part time basis.

August 2008

Started Placement year at Creative Lynx

September 2007

Returned to University to continue Studies

February 2006

Studies interrupted to care for relative

September 2004

BSc Hons Computer Science at Salford University

I started my degree studying full time and continuing to work part time.

I particularly enjoyed Object Oriented Programming in Java

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September 2003

Studied Access to IT course

Returning to education, I completed a 1 year Access to IT course at City College, Manchester, in order to gain a place at Salford University. I achieved 28 credits, more than the 24 credits required to claim my place.

This was my first introduction to programming, building windows form applications with Visual Basic 6. I built a whac-a-mole style "Santa Chase" game and an interactive Christmas card with a customisable message, randomised tune, flashing christmas tree lights cover

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June 2002

Started as Revenue Officer at HMRC

After my temporary role finished, I secured a full-time job at a higher pay grade.

My role was working in a Call Centre that covered various areas of taxation including Pay As You Earn (PAYE) enquiries, helping customers complete Self Assessment tax returns and later, tax credits.

I learnt valuable soft skills dealing with customers that were often upset or angry. I enjoyed the challenge of solving difficult problems for customers and explaining complex legislation to customers from many different background in a way that was easy to understand.

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October 2001

Started at Inland Revenue

I started a temporary role at Inland Revenue that involved filing and general office duties. This role was initially for 3 week but was extended several times until I left in April 2002.

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February 2001

Left Bury College due to personal circumstances

September 2000

Studied at Bury College

Studies A levels in English Language, Psychology and Media Studies.

In the second year I dropped Media Studies for AS levels in History and Philosophy.

I was also the Editor of the College magazine and an active member of the debating society.

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May 1999

Finished School

Left Parrenthorn High School with 10 A-C GCSE's including A for History, B's for Double Award Science, Geography, English Language, French etc.

Outside of school I was a member of the Interact Club of Prestwich and Whitefield. Interact was the junior affiliation of the Rotary club, an organisation of local businesses that raise funds for good caused in the local area. In my time I occupied the prestigious roles of Treasurer and President.

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January 1983